Welcome to Atlantic Restoration

Atlantic Restoration is a full-service waterproofing and building restoration company. ARC is solution oriented, cost conscious and our dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched. We understand that keeping a project on schedule and on budget is just as important as having the highest quality of work in the final product. While fully comprehending the individual needs of each project, we take a unique approach to our construction process. Every job begins with careful planning and is executed flawlessly, leaving owners with the end result they expect: Excellence.

A (Brief) History of Concrete Construction

Concrete’s Place in Time While it’s true that use of components similar to modern concrete can be traced back over 3300 years, the science behind its design and application is ever-evolving. Viewed from this perspective, you could reasonably argue that concrete construction ranks among the most technologically-advanced building methods. The Earliest Concrete-Like Materials To truly … continue reading

When Should Cracks in Concrete Concern You?

Cracks in Concrete You’ve heard it all before: cracks in concrete are inevitable, and they’re common. While property owners may feel at ease over the state of their concrete, far too many unwittingly avoid addressing developing concrete issues that can eventually turn into major problems. What’s unfortunate about this is that many concrete replacement projects could … continue reading

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