Building Envelope Study/ Maintenance programs

This service doesn’t cost, it compensates

The building envelope is the single most important component of a building. Its construct and integrity separates the interior elements from the exterior elements. This includes moisture control and energy efficiency. Understanding building types helps us determine various conditions that can improve your buildings performance. This service will provide you with a detailed description of your building envelope needs from your roof to your foundation. During this process our experts can seek out and fix minor problems eliminating the need for costly future repairs. This detailed document will also act as a tool to help plan your future repairs allowing owners to properly prepare phasing and schedules. Common practices include examining your building plans to determine the structures drainage system. Most buildings are designed to allow moisture to enter the façade, and exit at specific controlled points. Upon certain aging, these drainage points can clog, either by natural causes or sub-par workmanship, forcing water into the building. We will make sure that the construction and alterations made to the shell are working as intended. This is also a great tool to use on newer construction where the building warranty is nearing its end.

Building Envelope Study/ Maintenance programs Building Envelope Study/ Maintenance programs
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