Atlantic Restoration Corp. provides a wide range of masonry restoration services.

Any building in the northeast region is susceptible to damage due to the exposure of New England’s harsh climates. Although masonry buildings are constructed for longevity, they still require maintenance to keep them fully functional. Small cracks on the exterior can allow moisture to migrate deep into the pours of brick or concrete eventually leading to deterioration and product failure.

ARC has a qualified team of masons and water-proofers that can diagnose any problems or needs your building may have.

Coupling the most current products along with the finest craftsmanship we are able to provide quick, efficient, cost effective solutions.

Choosing the right product for the job is certainly one of the most important components to a successful restoration project.

We work closely with the product manufacturers to ensure that the right product is installed correctly. Many times this means testing your façade for water infiltration or removing small pieces of masonry to send them to a lab for diagnoses. There are many stones used in construction each having a unique look and strength. Sometimes this will be difficult to determine with the naked eye. Putting the wrong product on a stone or brick will ultimately lead to product failure.

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