Parking Garages

Understanding parking garages allows you to look at the construction process from every possible angle.

We know the importance of keeping a garage flowing during construction. Because we are familiar with all types of parking garage construction we are able to quickly diagnose problems and come up with realistic solutions. We offer a turn around with unbeatable timelines and unmatched warranties.

Concrete repairs can be done with minimal disturbance.

With the right preparation and the right equipment we are able to remove damaged concrete and replace it with new high strength repair mortars. This strategic process can allow traffic driving over the repairs in as little as one hour after application. We also repair cracks in the concrete using epoxy binders that weld broken concrete back together.

Garage maintenance is a core component to ensuring a long lasting structure.

Using academic training along with extensive field experience we can quickly diagnose and repair material failure and get your garage back in working order. We take a unique approach in our garage inspections seeking out and identifying liabilities. ARC has a certified team of coating applicators and can prepare a surface and install new coatings designed to last with minimal downtime. Our extensive planning will allow the highest number of parking stalls to remain open, allowing the garage to act as functional as possible during the restoration process.

Parking Garages
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